Saturday, May 15, 2021

असाध्य तें साध्य करितां सायास - संत तुकाराम

साधुनी बचनाग खाती तोळा तोळा । आणिकातें डोळां न पाहावे ॥१॥

साधुनी भुजंग धरितील हातीं । आणिकें कापती देखोनियां ॥२॥ असाध्य तें साध्य करितां सायास । कारण अभ्यास तुका म्हणे ॥३॥ 

 This is one of the famous motivational abhang from Sant Tukaram. It will inspire everyone, including devotees of God and non-devotees alike in their pursuits.

 साधुनी बचनाग खाती तोळा तोळा । आणिकातें डोळां न पाहावे ॥१॥

"बचनाग" is a plant found in jungles, which is poisonous, it results in acidity, vomiting and in some cases, death. Sant Tukaram says, there are people who have trained themselves and won over this plant, such that they can eat quantities of it together. However, a normal person cannot even see it.

साधुनी भुजंग धरितील हातीं । आणिकें कापती देखोनियां ॥२॥

There are some people who have learned how to handle snakes. However, a normal person trembles at seeing snakes.

असाध्य तें साध्य करितां सायास । कारण अभ्यास तुका म्हणे ॥३॥

Sant Tukaram with the above examples now says, if one really endeavors, even impossible things become possible. With consistent effort and study, one can achieve even seemingly impossible goals.

So be focused, consistent in your efforts and you'll surely achieve your goals.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

ठेविलें अनंतें तैसें चि रहावे - संत तुकाराम

 हे चि थोर भक्ती आवडती देवा । संकल्पावी माया संसाराची ॥१॥
ठेविलें अनंतें तैसें चि रहावे। चित्तीं असों द्यावें समाधान ॥ध्रु.॥
वाहिल्या उद्वेग दुःख चि केवळ । भोगणें तें फळ संचिताचें ॥२॥
तुका म्हणे घालूं तयावरी भार । वाहूं हा संसार देवा पायीं ॥३॥

This abhang has a famous line, which anyone who knows Marathi will recognize, which is "ठेविलें अनंतें तैसें चि रहावे। चित्तीं असों द्यावें समाधान", meaning, "We should live in whatever condition/situation, God wants to keep us. And, more importantly, we should be satisfied/happy in that condition."

 हे चि थोर भक्ती आवडती देवा । संकल्पावी माया संसाराची ॥१॥

Sant Tukaram starts by saying that, I really like this devotion in which we offer everything to you and we let go of all the attachments we have of the material world (Samsara). (I have been thinking about संकल्पावी माया संसाराची for some time, and I feel what Sant Tukaram is saying here is related to "संकल्प सोडणे", which means a pledge to do something, he is basically saying all the Maya which I have for this Sansar, I want to pledge and get rid of it).

ठेविलें अनंतें तैसें चि रहावे। चित्तीं असों द्यावें समाधान ॥ध्रु.॥

And what happens when I let go of my attachment to the material world? with the attachment, all the worries of the material world also leaves me. Sant Tukaram is stressing on Acceptance here. Accept the things which are not in our control.

I think this is very important teaching for the householders, who want to engage in the devotion. Many a times, we get entangled in the difficult situations. There are many a things, which are not in one's control and we keep worrying about them. So here, he suggests that we should say "Ok, God wants me to stay in this condition, so this must be the best for me. With this acceptance, I can stop regretting what happened in the past and I can stop worrying about what happens next ". 

However, as per my understanding, we should not take this to mean that, we stop trying and performing our duties. As Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita, we need to do our duties to the best of our capabilities and then stop worrying about the results. Here, चित्तीं असों द्यावें समाधान, satisfaction in our mind, is an important thing. We should rest satisfied, having done our best and knowing that whatever God has done (Result/Fruit), is the best for us.

वाहिल्या उद्वेग दुःख चि केवळ । भोगणें तें फळ संचिताचें ॥२॥
तुका म्हणे घालूं तयावरी भार । वाहूं हा संसार देवा पायीं ॥३॥

What happens if we do not follow this instruction of "ठेविलें अनंतें तैसें चि रहावे", then we keep regretting, blaming and worrying, which results in nothing but pain and sadness. 

In any case, the law of Karma is strict, we have to bear the fruits of our actions. There is no running away from this. So, when any bad situation comes in our life, we need to understand this and stay satisfied in whichever condition the God keeps us.

Finally, Sant Tukaram says, let's leave all the difficulties on to God, let him do whatever he wishes with us, let's offer all our Samsar to him.

One more thing, which this Abhang teaches a serious seeker after Truth is, we should not struggle too much for the material possessions in this world. Our main aim should to see God, to realize the Truth. So whatever material situation God keeps us, we should stay put, happily, and focusing on increasing our devotion.

Monday, April 5, 2021

धांव घालीं पांडुरंगा - संत तुकाराम

आळस आला अंगा । धांव घालीं पांडुरंगा ॥1॥

सोसूं शरीराचे भाव । पडती अवगुणाचे घाव ॥ध्रु.॥

करावीं व्यसनें। दुरी येउनि नारायणें ॥2॥

जवळील दुरी । जालों देवा धरीं करीं॥3॥

ह्मणउनि देवा । वेळोवेळां करीं धावा ॥4॥

तुका ह्मणे पांडुरंगा । दुरी धरूं नका अंगा ॥5॥


When a devotee is progressing on the spiritual path, when his knowledge and understanding improves, he starts seeing how bad and lowly he is. When this happens, I feel it is nothing but the grace of God on the devotee. Understanding and acknowledging that there are so many bad habits (अवगुण) in us is the first step in improving ourselves.

Sant Tukaram has sung this abhang, in the same mood, for our benefit!

He says to Lord Pandurang, 

आळस आला अंगा । धांव घालीं पांडुरंगा ॥1॥

सोसूं शरीराचे भाव । पडती अवगुणाचे घाव ॥ध्रु.॥

day by day I'm becoming lazy, please hurry up Lord! Hurry up and help me. As I attend to my body's needs I find that all the bad habits/defects (अवगुण) are attacking me. I cannot defeat them on my own. Please help.

करावीं व्यसनें। दुरी येउनि नारायणें ॥2॥

जवळील दुरी । जालों देवा धरीं करीं॥3॥

Oh Lord Narayan, please come and please rid me of my bad habits. Due to them, I'm going away from you. Please hold my hand and take me closer to you.

ह्मणउनि देवा । वेळोवेळां करीं धावा ॥4॥

तुका ह्मणे पांडुरंगा । दुरी धरूं नका अंगा ॥5॥

Tuka says, that is the reason, I'm beseeching you repeatedly to hurry up. Please do not keep me so far away from yourself.

This abhang has another important feature, it shows eagerness and the earnestness of the devotee, with the phrases like "धांव घालीं" and "वेळोवेळां करीं धावा". If we too, with such earnestness, beseech our Lord God, His heart will surely melt and He will surely help us get rid of our defects and guide us in the spiritual path. And with the times like these (Corona pandemic), we are further shown, how fickle our life is. We do not know for sure if we'll be alive, for next few days/weeks or not. It is very appropriate now that we become earnest for spiritual progress and say "धांव घालीं पांडुरंगा".

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Sant Tukaram - Shivaji Maharaj : भक्ती -शक्ती

Shivaji Maharaj was one of the greatest king in India. He was himself a genuinely spiritual person, can be seen from his dialogues like "..ही श्रींची इच्छा.." and also from the fact that he considered Sant Ramdas, a contemporary saint, his Guru.

He had heard about Sant Tukaram and was very eager to meet him. So he sent some gifts and invitation for meeting.

Below are some lines from the Abhangs Sant Tukaram wrote after finding this out.

Dislike for Material Things

दिवट्या छत्री घोडे । हे तो बऱ्यात न पडे ।।
आता येथे पंढरिराया । मज गोविसी कासया ।।
मान दंभ चेष्टा । हे तो शुकराची विष्ठा ।।
तुका म्हणे देवा । माझे सोडववणे धावा ।।

From the above abhang, it is clear that among the gifts sent, torch bearer, special umbrella and horses were also present. Tukaram Maharaj, directs this abhang to Pandurang, his Lord. He asks, why my dear God, you want me to be bound to these things. He says, for me, others' respect, hypocrisy and other such games are like excreta of pig, they do not matter to me at all. Oh God, please save me from this situation.

नावडे जे चित्ता । ते चि होसी पुरविता ।।

In another abhang, he gets angry with the God and tells him, you only give me those things, which I do not need!
He makes it pretty clear that, he does not care for respect given by anyone, not even kings.

तुम्हापाशी आम्ही येऊनिया काय । वृथा सीण आहे चालण्याचा ।।

In another abhang, he tells Shivaji Maharaj, what will be achieved by my coming to meet you? Nothing. Only the result will be the wasted effort of walking.

आता हे चि तुम्हा सांगणे कौतुक । भिक्षे ऐसे सुख नाही नाही ।।

In another abhang, he tells Shivaji Maharaj that he does not need anything. He further goes on to say that he lives on alms only. And in the above line, he says, I would like to share a wonderful thing with you, that there is no such pleasure, as that received from alms.

Upadesh to Shivaji Maharaj (Teachings)

He wrote multiple abhangs with guidelines for Shivaji Maharaj. Below are some lines from them:

विश्व हे विठ्ठल नाही दुजे काही । देखणे तुझे ही तयामाजी ।।

This whole universe is God (Vitthal) Himself, and I see you too, in Him.

सद्गुरू श्रीरामदासाचे भूषण । तेथे घाली मन चळों नको ।।
बहुतां ठायीं वृत्ति चाळवली जेव्हा । रामदास्य तेव्हा कैसे घडे ।।

He tells Shivaji Maharaj, you have accepted Sant Ramdas as your Guru, so please follow his teaching attentively, do not let your mind wander anywhere else.

He further says, if you let your mind loose and try to learn from too many sources, you will not be able to serve God (Ram). So please be focused.

Then below is a full abhang, with direct guidelines for Shivaji Maharaj,

आता एक योग साधावा हा नीट । भल्याचा तो वीट मानू नये ।।
जेणे योगे तुम्हा घडो पाहे दोष । ऐसा हा सायास करू नये ।।
निंदक दुर्जन संग्रही असती । त्यांची युक्ती चित्ती आणू नका ।।
परीक्षावे कोण राज्याचे रक्षक । विवेकाविवेक पाहोनिया ।।
सांगणे न लगे सर्वज्ञ तू राजा । अनाथांच्या काजा साह्य व्हावे ।।
हे चि ऐकोनियां चित्त समाधान । आणिक दर्शने चाड नाही ।।
घेऊनिया भेटी कोण हा संतोष । आयुष्याचे दिस गेले गेले ।।
एकदोनी कर्मे जाणोनिया वर्में । आपुलिया भ्रमे राहू आता ।।
कल्याणकारक अर्थ याचा एक । सर्वां भूती देख एक आत्मा ।।
आत्मारामी मन ठेऊनिया राही । रामदासी पाहे आपनेया ।।

"The Yoga that you have to fulfill is as follows, do not get wearied by your good deeds i.e. be enthusiastic to always do what is good.
Do not do anything which will result in a blemish on yourself.
As a king, there are all kinds of people around you, including, defamers and evil people. Please know who they are and do not follow any of their suggestions.
You also need to understand, who are the people interested in welfare of the state, you need to intelligently identify them.
I should not be explicitly telling you as you are very learned and a good king, but please be a benefactor of the poor and desolate people.

I will be happy to learn of these things being followed by you, there is now no other reason to meet. Even if we meet, what is to be achieved, we have already lost so much time till now (let us now focus on our aims/tasks, instead of wasting time in this meeting).

Another important thing is, when you are trying to determine if a policy is good or bad, keep in mind that in all the living beings, only One God/Atma is present.
Please keep your mind in the knowledge of the Soul - Sant Ramdas will surely take care of you."

There are sure a thing or two, to learn from these abhangs, for us as well!

Friday, September 22, 2017

आपुल्या विचार करीन जीवा‌शी - संत तुकाराम

आपुल्या विचार करीन जीवा‌शी । काय या जनाशी चा‌ड मज ॥
आपुले स्वहित जाण‌ती सकळे । निरोधिता बळे दु:ख वाटे ॥
आइको नाइको कथा कोणी तरी । जाऊनिया घरी निजो सुखे ॥
माझी कोण वोज जाला हा शेवट । देखोनिया वाट आणिका लावू ॥
तुका म्हणे भाकू आपुली करुणा । जयाची वासना तया फळे ॥

साधक अवस्थेत असताना आपण स्वहिताचा विचार करावा असं संत तुकाराम येथे सांगतात. बाकी लोक अापल्या सांगण्याने बदलत नसतील, तर त्याचे दु:ख मानू नये, स्वत:ला त्रास करून घेऊ नये. अापण अापल्या परीने प्रयत्न करून बाकीच्यांना भक्तीचा पंथ दाखवण्याचा प्रयत्न करावा अाणि त्यांनी ऐकले तरी ठीक नाही ऐकले तरी ठीक या नियमाने वागावे.

तुकाराम महाराज म्हणतात,
मी आता स्वत:च्या जीवाचा विचार करीन, जनांचा जास्त विचार करणार नाही.
सगळे लोक आपले स्वहित जाणून आहेत, त्यांना जर आपण काही सांगितले किंवा काही वाईट सवयी सुधारण्यासाठी सांगितले (निरोध करण्याचा प्रयत्न केला), तर त्याचे लोकांना दु:ख होते.
त्यामुळे मी माझ्या परीने भगवंताची कथा-कीर्तन करीन, ते कोणी ऐको वा न ऐको, मी वाईट वाटून घेणार नाही. घरी जाऊन सुखाने, निश्चिंतीने झोपी जाईल (त्यासाठी स्वत:ची झोप उडवून घेणार नाही).
मला कुठे एवढे पडले आहे की ही भक्तीची जी वाट मला सापडली आहे, बाकी जनांना ही त्या वाटेला लावू.
आता पांडुरंगाला माझीच करुणा भाकावी, बाकी ज्याची जशी भावना/विचार आहे, त्याप्रमाणे पांडुरंग त्यांना फळ देईलच!

In short, do not worry about results of your preaching to others. Instead, be focused on improving yourself, all the rest will be taken care by Lord himself.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

शेवटचा दिस गोड व्हावा - संत तुकाराम

याजसाटी केला होता अट्टाहास | शेवटचा दिस गोड व्हावा ||
आता निश्चिंतीने पावलो विसावा | खुंटलिया धांवा तृष्णेचिया ||
कवतुक वाटे जालिया वेचाचे | नाव मंगळाचे तेणे गुणे ||
तुका म्हणे मुक्ति परिणिली नोवरी | आता दिवस चारी खेळीमेळी ||

संत ज्ञानेश्वर महाराज जो 'सोनियाचा दिनु' म्हणतात तो तुकारामांच्या जीवनात आला त्या वेळचा हा अभंग. त्यांनी सगळे कष्ट, त्याग, अभ्यास ज्या साठी केले ते त्यांना प्राप्त झाले असा हा मंगल क्षण. अत्यंत कठोर मेहनत घेतल्यानंतर जेव्हा कष्टाचे चीज होते तेव्हा मिळणारे समाधान हे खूप मौल्यवान असते. तुकाराम महाराजांनी भागवत्प्राप्ती साठी सगळे कष्ट घेतले होते, ते फलद्रुप झाल्याचा हा क्षण. 

ते म्हणतात त्यांनी जो सर्व अट्टाहास केला तो यासाठी होता कि आयुष्याचा शेवटचा दिवस गोड व्हावा. आयुष्याच्या अंती समाधान असावे. अपूर्ण इच्छा, मृत्यूचे भय इ. काही नसावे. ते म्हणतात कि आता मला विसावा मिळाला आहे. आता मी निश्चिन्त आहे कारण आता कुठलीही तृष्णा त्यांच्या मनात शेष नाही, समाधान आहे. मनात कुठलीही तृष्णा नसणे, समाधान आणि आनंद असणे हेच भगवत्प्राप्तीचे लक्षण आहे. 
ते पुढे म्हणतात कि आतापर्यंत जे कष्ट घेतले त्याचे आता कौतुक वाटते आहे. म्हणजेच मेहनत घेताना जो त्रास सहन केला तो आता त्रास न वाटता गोडच वाटतो आहे. कारण त्या कष्टांमुळेच आजचा मंगल दिवस पाहायला मिळाला आहे. ते पुढे म्हणतात कि आता मुक्ती हिच आता त्यांची नवरी होणार आहे, म्हणजेच हे जग सोडल्यानंतर त्यांना मोक्ष प्राप्त होणार आहे. आणि तो पर्यंत खेळी मेळित उरलेले आयुष्य काढायचे आहे. 

या आणि यासारख्या तुकारामांच्या अभंगातून आपल्यासारख्या साधारण जनांना प्रेरणा मिळते. आपण जर जीवापाड मेहनत घेतली तर भागवत्प्राप्ती ही दूर नाही हेच कळते. आपणही सगळ्यांनी अट्टाहास करावा आणि शेवटचा दिवस गोड व्हावा हीच प्रार्थना!

Friday, January 13, 2017

मनाचे श्लोक - ७६

नव्हे कर्म ना धर्म ना योग काही।
नव्हे भोग ना त्याग ना सा़ंग पाही॥
म्हणे दास, विश्वास, नामी धरावा।

प्रभाते मनी राम चि‌ंतीत जावा॥

मनाचे श्लोक म्हणजे मराठी भाषेतली एक खूप मोलाची रचना आहे. संत रामदासांनी मनाला शिकवण देण्यासाठी मनाचे श्लोक लिहीले आहेत. मनाला गोडी गुलाबीने (मना सज्जना.., मना प्रार्थना तुला.., .) सुधारण्याचा आणि दुर्गुणांचा त्याग करून सद्गुण अंगी बाणण्यास प्रोत्साहित करण्याचा प्रयत्न केला आहे.

वरील श्लोकात, संत रामदास अत्यंत साध्या-सरळ भाषेत भगवंताच्या नामाचे महत्व सांगत आहेत. ते म्हणतात, मना तुला कर्म, धर्म, योग यांची चिंता करण्याची गरज नाही. भोग-त्याग, सांग (विधी-निषेध) यांचा ही विचार करू नकोस. फक्त भगवंताच्या नामावर विश्वास ठेवून नित्य नामस्मरण करत जा. रोज सकाळी रामाचे चिंतन करत जा. हे केल्यावर तुला भगवत्प्राप्तीसाठी बाकी कुठल्याच साधनाची गरज नाही!